The League of Women Voters of the Brainerd Lakes Area
Welcomes You

We are a grassroots organization.
  • Concerned citizens working together to better understand and influence the issues that affect us, our families and our future.
  • A political, but non-partisan, organization dedicated to research complex questions from all viewpoints. The League does not support or oppose any political party or candidate.
What does the league do?
Addresses the issues.
  • Tackles critical and controversial matters, taking direction solely from our grassroots membership.
  • Keeps you informed about a wide variety of local, state and national issues...everything from campaign integrity and environmental concern to public education and affordable housing and child care.
  • Encourages citizen participation in the electoral process through voter registration.
  • Organizes public forums and candidate debates to help everyone participate as an informed citizen.
Takes Action.
  • Reports results of careful research to members, policy makers and the public.
  • Advocates sound, reasonable solutions to today's most pressing policy challenges.
  • Lobbies for League positions established by study, discussions and consensus of members.
How Does One Become a Member of the League?
The League welcomes citizens, both women and men, 18 years and older who agree with the purpose and policy of the League. To join the League, contact the local League in your community or any other local League. (Click on "Contacts and Focus" for Brainerd Lakes Area information.) When you join you automatically become a member of the state and national Leagues. If you do not live in the area of a local League, you may join as a state member at-large.

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